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Our Co-Founders

Daniel, Kim & Talya are three siblings who had a dream to build something with a greater purpose. Their sheer love for eating healthy & feeling good inspired them to create a healthy food brand thats main objective is to make healthy food accessible, fun and most importantly delicious. Their dream transpired into reality when they opened their first Krunch store in Sandton City in March 2014. 

Our Story

In 2013, Daniel felt there was a gap in the market to offer fresh, delicious yet approachable “fast” food, as he practiced this kind of eating in his own home • With no experience in the food industry, the Brouze family took to recipe testing in their kitchen. They travelled internationally to experience first-hand the best-practice examples of “fresh and fast” healthy food. In March 2014, Krunch was launched in the Sandton City food court. Daniel was joined by his sister, Kim, in their first week of operation, with the third Brouze sibling, Talya, completing the family operations team in 2017. Since opening, Krunch has launched a restaurant offering, corporate cafeterias and a host of catering options

Our Values

Our goal is to always serve good quality, healthy food that is packed with just the right amount of nutrients. We empower our staff to recommend healthy and tasty combinations that are suitable to our customers’ different dietary requirements.

Our goal is to make healthy food fast and accessible to our customers whether they are at work, at home or shopping. We know that your time is not a joke!

We strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable food theatre experience with our custom build your own option, our fun music and our friendly staff.

We believe that every entity, even companies, is socially responsible for making this world a better place and we aim our efforts at our employees. We pay above minimum wage, we mainly employee unskilled workers and train them and we encourage and inspire promotion and personal growth from within the company.

Krunch attempts to give our customers more than they expect for less than they expect. We often get comments from customers like “YAASSIS this salad is big”. Basically we’ll keep you and your pockets fuller for longer.